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**Giveaway** Old Bones Never Die by Lesley A. Diehl **Review**

Series: Eve Appel Mystery (Book 5)
Publisher: Camel Press (March 15, 2017)
Paperback: 272 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1603813174


Just before Walter Egret is killed in a hit-and-run, he phoned his half-brother Sammy to report that he'd unearthed their missing father's pocket watch, along with a pile of human bones. The project is put on hold until it can be determined if the site is an Indian burial ground. Then the bones disappear.
Now Sammy and his brother's three orphaned children want Eve Appel to go pro, applying her innate snoopiness to the trade of private investigator.
Eve already has her hands full with her two consignment stores. What is she going to do? Sammy and Walter are Miccosukee Indians, and Walter was employed as a backhoe operator on a construction site for a sportsmen's resort. Was Walter's death murder or an accident? If the bones belong to Sammy's father, how did they get there? Delving into these mysteries, Eve is aided by her usual crew of friends and family. This adventure will not only up the stakes for Eve as an investigator, but it will also open her eyes to life possibilities she never imagined.

Diehl is a new to me author but, after reading Old Bones Never Die, I look forward to reading more by this lovely author. This is the 6th book in the Eve Apple mysteries so I am going to be picking up the first 5 now. I loved how determined, spunky, and fun Eve is. I think she gets it from her grandmother who is also a sharp-witted woman with spunk and a rock. And Eve's shop sounds like a really cool place to go and even just look around. As the story unfolds about the bones being discovered, you find yourself wondering along with the boyfriend if it is his father's bones from their sacred burial ground. And what was it that he put in his pocket??
Lastly, I think it was so cool how the author was able to create a mystery within a mystery without loosing the reader. This is positively a series I will be catching up with and continue to follow.

About The Author –

3578Lesley retired from her life as a professor of psychology and reclaimed her country roots by moving to a small cottage in the Butternut River Valley in upstate New York.  In the winter she migrates to old Florida—cowboys, scrub palmetto, and open fields of grazing cattle, a place where spurs still jingle in the post office, and gators make golf a contact sport.  Back north, the shy ghost inhabiting the cottage serves as her literary muse.  When not writing, she gardens, cooks and renovates the 1874 cottage with the help of her husband, two cats and, of course, Fred the ghost, who gives artistic direction to their work.

She is the author of a number of mystery series (Microbrewing Series, Big Lake Mystery Series, Eve Appel Mystery Series and the Laura Murphy Mysteries), a standalone mystery (Angel Sleuth) and numerous short stories.   

Visit her on her website:

Twitter: @lesleydiehl

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    BIG & Fabulous: The Life and Times of Brenda Cankles by Randi Sherman **Review**

    Author: Randi Sherman
    Publisher: Friesen Press
    Pages: 282
    Genre: Humor Fiction

    The time for BIG & Fabulous, The Life and Times of
    Brenda Cankles
    is now! The emphasis is on positive body image, Big &
    Fabulous is a truly entertaining story that’s strongly written, funny,
    insightful and bitingly smart. Inside it’s covers, readers will find no
    shortage of acidly hilarious accounts of the highs and lows of living life
    inside a big and fabulous body.

    Imperfect, impervious and improving Brenda Cankles is an
    unlikely heroine. Unfazed by the enduring censure of society, she is determined
    to realize the fabulous life that she has always believed is her destiny.

    Brenda’s story – written in unflinching first person – is
    utterly unvarnished. Here, find a fantastically real person, sometimes
    struggling to fit in, but mostly giving the rest of the world the mother-lovin’
    bird. From her clunky childhood, through her stumbling yet optimistic
    adolescence to her full figured and unapologetic emergence into adulthood.
    Brenda is a special brand of warrior. She is big, bold and beautiful. While the
    quirky cast of characters who surround her is eternally insistent that Brenda
    live her life in the background and fit into society’s mold, she will have none
    of it.

     I was more than happy to review this book not because of the cover (although the cover is kick-ass) but because of the message inside. Today's views of what pretty is - is pretty skewed. Things like the thigh and breast pen check ( which I think the boob/pen check just makes women of any smaller bust size feel inadequate which is completely unfair). Which, so what if your thighs though! Mine tough and it saves my phone from falling to the floor! I loved the message throughout this book. Yes, we need to work on being HEALTHY. And whatever size that is for you, great! I was a size 00 in junior high and constantly got teased and named called because of it. Having my daughter yeas later, I am now a size 9 and that is okay. This book is all about loving yourself, being comfortable  in your skin all covered in humor. Which I loved. Brenda's story counters the judgement and critique that the world and ourselves gives each other for how we look, dress, etc. I really enjoyed Brenda's story and I think everyone else will too.

    Watch the book trailer at YouTube.


    | Barnes & Noble

    Book Excerpt:

    We have a big
    job ahead of us. In elementary school, I will be "the fat kid" with a
    wild imagination. In high school, I'll try to fit in but won't. I will be an
    outcast, considered lumbering and awkward. No one, including my family, will expect
    much from me because I won't be like the other girls. Being a big and a
    bold  and a brash  girl, I will be  the focus   of
    your attention as you advise me to stifle myself, adjust my enthusiasm, and be
    grateful for any attention I  receive.
    To  the
    bullies and doubters, let me be the  first to  thank  you in
    advance for continually reminding me that I have the potential to end up as
    someone's dusty spinster aunt who shares a can of bargain tuna with seventeen
    cats, or that weird neighbor you see but try desperately to  avoid.
    Although it's
    hard to believe, I will cherish our relation­ship because you, Society, will
    never ignore me. I don't know what I will do or have done to garner so much of
    your atten­tion and devotion. I'm sure you have other and more impor­tant
    things to do, like creating jobs, housing the homeless,
    raising money to cure cancer, and feeding the
    hungry. But, no, you will dedicate television shows and magazine articles to
    me, and spend your valuable time and energy compar­ing what it is
    that you consider "perfect" to my reality and encourage me to change
    into someone "typical." I know it will be exhausting for
    I have to
    admit that there will be times when my self-­esteem will be tested. Other
    times, I'll be a non-believer, and want to give up, possibly disappointing you.
    Because of
    your often obsessive yet unwavering attention and dedication to making me aware
    of my shortcomings­ or, worse, your condescending and hollow and self-serving
    attempts to encourage me to accept my "inadequacies" and situation -
    you will present me with a challenge. It will take all of my strength and
    determination, but I will dig deep within myself to realize I have the
    potential to be fabulous.
    Like fine
    wine, opera, and stinky cheese, I am valuable, an acquired taste, and, like all
    treasures, I should be appreciated and celebrated.
    Like it or
    not, whether you intend it or not, I just might turn out to be a wise,
    compassionate, creative, funny, gener­ous, and a kind person. You see, I have
    the ability to learn and grow.
    Yes, I am big
    and I am bold, and I accept your challenge. Be forewarned. I will be a force to
    be reckoned with because   I am special. I am beautiful and I am
    a superhero. Now, get the fuck off my cape. I have things to do.
    Merle  Cankles, "The Big One"

    About the Author

    Randi M Sherman is the award winning author of humorous
    fiction books.

    With an eye for detail, an ear for well-tuned dialogue and
    an incredible grasp of the obvious, all honed while performing stand-up comedy
    in Los Angeles and improvisational
    theater in San Francisco, Sherman
    adds just enough bawdiness to deliver character-driven contemporary novels that
    will have the reader laughing, thinking and connecting with the characters in
    her books.

    Author, Randi Sherman’s experience as a stand-up comedienne
    is evident as she delivers, BIG & Fabulous, The Life and Times of Brenda
    Cankles, the hilarious, often laugh-out-loud novel about the inner most thoughts
    Brenda Cankles, a very real character who is confident and brave enough to
    expect the world to accept her on her terms.

    BIG & Fabulous, The Life and Times of Brenda Cankles is Sherman’s
    fifth novel, her fourth THE LOBBY has won 17 Awards for Humor and General

    A native Californian, Randi makes her home in California's
    wine country. Trying her hand at country living Randi describes herself the Eva
    Gabor of the Sonoma/Napa area.

    Randi earned a Bachelor of Science Degree from Chapman